The dates for the Highway 61 Yard Sale
 are always the Thursday - Saturday before Labor Day.

This year is already shaping up to be a great year for the sale. We are excited to see how this year's sale unfolds. Come be a part!

Please Note: We have had several emails this year that we can not respond to. Please make sure you put a valid email in the contact form so we can reply. Thank you!

You can also send us a message on our Facebook Page.
While you're there, feel free to make a post about the location of your yard sale.

This is the most unique yard sale
you've ever seen.
You will find everything from
custom choppers to custom built outhouses, antiques to traditional yard sale items,
and everything in between.

BC Cycle
Custom Builds, Restorations,
Repair, and Paint
St. Mary
                                                             Mr. Nelson's
Custom Built Outhouses
Located on Hwy 32
in Ste. Genevieve
The official South start/stop point is Hubble Creek Antiques, in Jackson MO.

The official North start/stop point used to be Bloomsdale MO.
Now it has spread up through Festus and continues to grow!

You can now post a free ad for your hot spot on the 61 Mile Yard Sale. This will help shoppers find your location. You can give a description of your sale, address, directions, picture of your spot, and more.

To find different hot spots along the sale route, or to add your own for free, click here.

Nestled in the River Heritage Region of Missouri, the area is home to the beauty of pristine Missouri woodlands, the romance of the Mississippi River, and a treasure trove of well preserved early French structures and historic homes.

Hot Spots

A lot of people have asked for a map of "hot spots" along the route.
So here it is.
Click here for more information.

Vendors & Dealers

If you would like information about setting up for the 61 mile yard sale, click here to contact us.


We have had a lot of questions about registration fees and the times of the yard sale.

There are no registration fees to be involved in the yard sale. All a person has to do is set up and sell. If you do not have a spot to sell at along Highway 61, you can contact us for more information regarding places to sell.

There are no set times for the yard sale. The times any spot opens and closes are up to each seller. We do believe that most sellers will be selling by 7:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

If you plan to sell food at your yard sale, please check with your local health inspector for current rules and any information you might need.